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Welcome to the campaign!

Still getting things set up around here. So far, I’ve got a fair decent overview of characters met by the party (though they’re really just a list of names and indexing tags at the moment). Current focus is on getting the adventure log caught up to date.

I’ve never used Obsidian Portal before. If my players find it fun and start using it, I’ll probably upgrade in a month or two.

Adventure Log Catch-up Details

Session 4: Feb 20; Enc. 1, 2, 4
Session 5: Feb 27; Enc. 3, 5
Session 6: Mar 6; Enc. 6, 9, 10
Session 7: Mar 13; Enc. 11, I3, 7
Session 8: Mar 27; Enc. 8, 12-14 (Hobgoblins)
Session 9: Apr 3; Enc. 16, 17, 18

Home Page

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