The Chain Made Whole

Session 4: The Ruined Keep

Before setting out from Winterhaven, the party had made a point of asking around about the keep – though mostly they learned there was little to be told. A stronghold from the days of now-fallen Nerath, the keep had a dark reputation and was mostly ignored by the townsfolk. There were sinister rumors about the keep being the site of a murder – and a coven of witches, a pack of demons, and so on.

It had apparently survived the fall of Nerath more-or-less intact, though whatever tragedy befell the keep seems to have emptied it out not long after. An earthquake had ruined the majority of the keep, causing it to collapse in upon itself a little more than a century ago – after it had already been abandoned. Valthrun knew no more than that.

Gravity to Raif: Resist This


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