The Chain Made Whole

Session 2: Nowhere to Run

Run For The Hills

This session, we kicked things off with a skill challenge – something brand-new to a couple of our players. Basically, when we’d left things off before, a kobold had made a run for it – and now our heroes needed to cut him off before the entire kobold lair was roused and made ready for defense.

The majority of this challenge involved Nature, Endurance, and Perception checks – with a little Athletics tossed in for good measure. Our heroes tracked the kobold, keeping a brisk pace through the woods while – on one occasion – Raif climbed a tree to get a better view of where their quarry was headed.

The little bastard didn’t stand a chance. The party cornered him in a clearing a half-mile shy of the kobold camp, and put an end to him once and for all.

The Kobold Lair

The kobolds who had been harassing Winterhaven for the past several weeks had made their in a large cavern, the mouth of which was hidden by a waterfall. Outside the cavern, more than a dozen of the vermin milled about, with the largest of their number sticking close to some sort of arcane cairn that pulsed with a strange light.

It didn’t take all that long for the band of adventurers to turn the outer camp into the site of a slaughter. Malyce unleashed cloud after cloud of whirling force daggers – eviscerating the kobold minions who made up the largest batch of foes. Raif ran into momentary trouble when he charged through the thick woods, aiming to isolate a lone kobold slinger – but found himself stumbling into a cunningly hidden slink, whose spear dealt the warrior a nasty blow. A brief game of hide-and-seek ensued, but the party won out in the end. Sadly however, the slink’s distraction allowed the slinger to slip away unscathed – joining his allies inside the cave.

The foes outside dispatched, the band sought next to head inside.

Enter Irontooth

Four of our heroes pushed their way forward into the cave – Garrett, meanwhile, held back and went looking for another way inside. He discovered a side passage, but unfortunately found his way blocked by a pair of wicked-looking denwardens and the party was forced to push forth through the front entryway without their rogue.

With the slinger’s warning, meanwhile, the rest of the party discovered a bit of a meat-grinder was waiting for them – as spear-bearing minions and skirmishers charged the moment they crossed the curtain of water and mist. They fought valiantly to push deeper into the cavern, but found themselves stalled beneath the sheer weight and volume of their attackers.

The battle continued in this fashion, with the party slowly driving the kobolds back and narrowly eking out an advantage – when the victory they were fighting so hard to achieve was shattered by a snarling bellow coming from deeper within the cavern.

From one side of the deeper caves came the denwardens that had thusfar kept Garrett out of the fighting, accompanied by a wyrmpriest hissing chants and invocations. From the other side stormed a goblin, a battleaxe gripped in both hands and a large, rusted helm on his head – too large a helm, in fact, for the visor fell too low making it appear as if his entire lower jaw were made of ugly iron.

Screaming incoherent rage, the goblin launched himself into the attack, smashing forth into the front line (composed of Cas, Raid, and IV). Garett, knowing the time for stealth had passed, came around the side to strike from behind – slicing into kobolds wherever the opportunity could be found.

But Irontooth was too strong and ferocious, and had come upon a group both split and worn down. Though the kobolds had suffered many losses, they rallied behind their goblin leader and overwhelmed the invaders. One by one Cas, IV, and Raif each fell. Realizing discretion was the better part of valor, Malyce withdrew back through the waterfall and Garrett snuck back through the side corridor he had found earlier, slipping into the woods.

Their companions lay defeated, beaten and bleeding on the cavern floor, at the mercy of a band of savages.


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