The Chain Made Whole

Session 1: Seeking Winterhaven

Seeking Staul

Our first actual play session, the party becomes acquainted with Lord Nathan Farringray, a fixture of no small importance in the large town of Fallcrest, who has a job for them. Frankly, he seems more than a little eager to get a couple of them (the dark elf, goliath, and minotaur specifically) out of the town – their people aren’t exactly fixtures of the community, and he’s hoping for a little time to smooth ruffled feathers over.

It seems an old adventuring colleague of his, Douven Staul, set out on one last hurrah over a month ago – investigating some old map he found purporting to reveal the location of a dragon’s treasure hoard. Farringray was embarrassed to admit he’d not paid much attention at the time – Douven has a tendency to get worked up over nothing, and Farringray expected him to return in a few weeks with nothing to show for his latest “quest.”

But that was some time ago, and Douven’s wife has been growing increasingly agitated. The increasing reports of bandit activity on the roads have Farringray growing increasingly concerned as well – Douven is more explorer than adventurer, and he’s not a young man anymore. While he doesn’t know exactly where Douven was headed, he knows his old friend intended to stop in the farming community of Winterhaven to see if there was any information to be gleaned from the locals.

The coin offered isn’t much, but the patronage of an influential noble has value – and so the party agreed to take on the case.

Kobold Attack!

It took little time for the party to discover who (or what) was responsible for the reports of brigand activity on the road: kobolds. The little reptilian buggers tried to swarm the party on the road, though they got more than they bargained for! No traveling band of farmers and merchants, the party made quick work of their enemies and then continued on to Winterhaven.

A Town Besieged

A much smaller community than Fallcrest, the residents of Winterhaven aren’t any more inclined toward an odd bunch like the party – but with only a dozen or so guardsmen (and almost all of those just farmers with spears), no one at the gate sought to press the point. The party found lodgings at Wrafton’s Inn, chatted up the patrons there (including Salvana Wrafton, Elian the Old, and Ninaran). They also met Thair Coalstriker, the local smith, and Valthrun, the village scholar.

Talking to Elian and Valthrun gave them a few tidbits as to where Douven might be – apparently what he (and Elian) thought was a dragon’s hoard was actually just a large burial mound, from centuries ago when the Nentir Vale was uncivilized and barbaric, before the coming of Nerath. The party also spoke to Lord Padraig – who convinced them to put their hunt for Douven on hold, briefly, to help the village fend off the kobold menace. He was able to give them a general idea of where the kobolds seemed to be coming from, and offered them a reward.

The Hunt begins

It didn’t take long for the party to find some more kobolds to mash. Not an hour from Winterhaven, they came upon a band setting up an ambush – whether for merchants, or for those no-good heroes who killed their brethren, there was no telling. Once again, the party proved too much for their assailants and overcame them – but with a twist, this time. One of the kobolds (the skirmisher) saw the writing on the wall and booked, evading harrying ranged attacks and disappearing into the woods. Cursing, the party set off after the slimy bastard – knowing that if he beat them back to the camp, they’d find their foes ready and waiting for an assault.


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