The Chain Made Whole

Session 0: Character Creation

Getting Started

Our first night, the group got together to talk about party composition and roles, backstory, and roll up some new characters. They didn’t know much about what they’d be doing – they were simply aware they would be traveling to a farming community at the behest of a Lord in Fallcrest. Further, to speed up creation, all players were limited to content from the Player’s Handbooks I, II, and III only.

Here’s what we came out the other side with:

  • Cas (human paladin)
    An avenging paladin in the service of Bahamut, Cas wades into battle bearing her greatsword and the holy radiance of the Platinum Defender. Raised by the dwarves of Hammerfast, she is generally regarded dimly by her brothers and sisters of the faith as her over-zealous and ruthless disposition seems to make some of them uncomfortable.
  • Garrett (human rogue)
    A brawny rogue, Garret matches a swift blade with a cunning mind – always looking for the best angle. Run afoul of this knave, and you’re likely to get a short sword in the belly for your trouble. A recent guest of the Fallcrest Gaolers Guild, he was sprung loose by one of the town’s ruling elite – for a price. There’s little percentage in running afoul of an influential noble, and so Garrett is willing to go along for the time being.
  • IV (minotaur runepriest)
    Marked from birth by his ivory white fur, IV was left for dead in the ruins of the ancient minotaur city of Ruul – an offering to the Raven Queen. Few of the offerings left on that ancient altar survive their youth, but he did – the fourth to ever leave the shattered city and enter the world a champion of the Raven Queen. Beware the weight of his maul, lest it send you to join his goddess on the other side.
  • Malyce (drow wizard)
    A control wizard, Malyce command the arcane might of fire and frost – and carries a grim, dark legacy. Not all those who leave the caverns and cities of the malicious drow do so intending to cast off Lolth’s dark yoke – some are driven off, exiled. Like Malyce, the spawn of a dark elf matriarch and a cursed abomination with a thirst for blood. (Note, statistics-wise Malyce is an Eladrin)
  • Raif (goliath fighter)
    A guardian fighter from the western foothills, Raif storms into battle accompanied by the symphony of his battle axe ringing against his shield. With flesh as hard as granite and a heart guided by the teachings of Kord, this battle-hardened warrior has come to the civilized lands following his destiny writ across the star-filled sky.


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